Vision Sports Ireland FAQ

What is Vision Sports Ireland (VSI)?

VSI is the National Governing Body tasked with provided sport and recreational opportunities to blind, vision impaired people across Ireland. Our mission is to enable visually impaired people to participate in the sport and/or recreation activity of their choice.

Is Vision Sports Ireland (VSI) a registered charity?


How does VSI work?

VSI has a Board of Directors, a group of volunteer Sports Coordinators and part-time office manager.
Each sport is run by a volunteer Sports Coordinator. These coordinators are made up of coaches and sporting enthusiasts who give their time freely. Because of this structure, the availability of each sporting activity can vary from time to time.

What sports does VSI offer?

We have had the following sports available to members:
Angling – Judo – Tandem Cycling – Athletics – Swimming – Goalball – Chess – Water Skiing – Climbing Wall – Tenpin Bowling – Equestrianism – Water Skiing – Golf – Football (including Futsal and B1 football – Walking

What sports are currently active?

As of 2013 all sports are currently active with the exception of Equestrianism, Goalball and Judo.

Where are these sporting activities held?

The majority of our sports take place in the Greater Dublin Area. We do have members, however, who participate in their own local clubs all across the country and our Sports Development Committee is currently working with groups across the country to increase the sporting opportunities available.

Does VSI Provide transportation to the sporting activities?

Unfortunately no, we do not. We do however provide travel subsidies to groups wishing to participate in away games.

I am the parent of a vision impaired/partially child; can my child participate in these sports?

Yes. we realise that there is a need for sporting opportunities for young people. As the majority of our members are adults, we ask that parents accompany their children when participating in our activities.

I am a senior citizen, are there any sporting opportunities for me?

Yes! If you would like more information on what sports may suit your needs, please contact the office.

Becoming A Member FAQ

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member of Vision Sports Ireland (VSI) has never been easier. At present there are three ways: sign up online by checking out the Membership section on our homepage. Otherwise, to get your membership form you can ring the office and request a form be posted out to you, in your choice of regular or large print or, you can request a form be sent to you by email. It is our intention to make all forms available on our website for download in the future.

Do I have to vision impaired to become a member?

No. Our membership is open to all people, no matter what their level of sight, and welcomes friends and families of visually impaired people to get involved with our organisation.

What age do I have to be to become a member?

There are no age limits to becoming a member.

How much does it cost?

The membership fees cover membership for a period of one year and as of 2008 break down into the following:
Senior member (18+) €10
Junior member (Up to 18) €5
Lifetime member Please contact the office for more information

How do I pay my membership fee?

Vision Sports Ireland will accept the following methods of payment for membership fees:
Bank Giro
Electronic Transfer
Postal money order
24-hour banking transfer

All can be made payable to Irish Blind Sports. If you would like to pay by electronic transfer, please contact the office for our bank details.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

There are many benefits of becoming a member including, but not limited to the following:
Access to all Vision Sports Ireland activities and events A right to vote at the Annual General Meeting Eligibility to receive funding toward travel for participation in your sport Access to qualified coaches when available A copy of the NCBI news sent to your address An opportunity (subject to qualification) to represent Ireland in international events An opportunity to meet other blind, visually impaired and partially sighted people An opportunity to get active while learning a new skill

Does membership include insurance cover?

Yes. All members are covered by Vision Sports Ireland insurance for sports included in our program. For more information, please contact the office.

Does Vision Sports Ireland have any volunteer opportunities?

Yes! VSI is always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people to volunteer with us. There are many opportunities from Sports Coordinator, to the fundraiser. Contact the office for more details.


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