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Blind Golf is governed by the International Blind Golf Association IBGA), founded 1998, with two members associations in Ireland: Irish Blind Golf and Northern Ireland Blind Golf.



Vision Sports Ireland works closely with the Golf Ireland to increase participation opportunities for people who are blind and vision impaired to engage and join their local golf club. In 2023, Vision Sports launched their first VI Golf hub in Portlaoise at the Heath Golf Club where monthly adult sessions are held.

Blind Golf is played to the rules of Golf produced by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) and United States Golf Association (USGA). They have published “A Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities”. This allows blind golfers to ground their club in a hazard and their coach/guide to stand on the line of the shot without penalty while the shot is played.

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Blind Golf Competitions

Competitions can be played off scratch within each sight category or off handicap across all sight categories. The IBGA has developed a handicapping scheme that is operated by all member associations and is used for international competition. Both Irish Blind Golf and Northern Ireland Blind Golf organise tournaments and regular golf outings. Members from both organisations also compete in international competitions under the auspices of IBGA.


Irish Blind Golf Secretary: Kathleen Bond
irishblindgolf@hotmail.com   |   www.irishblindgolf.eu

Northern Ireland Blind Golf Secretary: Paul O’Rahilly

Vision Sports Ireland, Vision Ireland, Whitworth Road, Dublin 9.
Phone: 01 4056030   |   Email:info@visionsports.ie

Golf Ireland: Sarah Banville, Safeguarding and Inclusion Coordinator

Phone: 015054000  |   Email: sarahbanville@golfireland.ie

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