Members Code of Conduct

Vision Sports Ireland Member’s Code of Conduct

CRO No 20028114, CHY 10793

Date of Issue: 21st July 2022

Vision Sports Irelands pride ourselves on upholding the highest standard of respect in order to foster an enjoyable environment for all involved in our organisation.

Vision Sports members are required to adhere to the following code of conduct when engaging in Vision Sports activities, programmes or events.

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy towards others at all times when participating in Vision Sports events/activities or programmes. This includes avoiding the use of any abusive language and engaging in behaviour that can be dangerous to yourself or others. Vision Sports holds a zero tolerance stance towards acts of violence, bullying, harassment and abuse towards staff, volunteers, officials, spectators or other participants.
  • At all times when partaking in activities, members should abide by the rules laid down by the national governing body for the specific sport they are participating in.
  • All members act as ambassadors for Vision Sports and should avoid public statements (including via social media) which use the name of Vision Sports Ireland or its partners, events, programmes or activities as a means to make attacks towards individuals or groups.
  • When engaging in Vision Sports Ireland events, programmes or activities participants must wear appropriate clothing at all times.
  • Vision Sports Ireland members must have respect for the venues they are in. Littering or damage to property will not be tolerated.
  • Members do not have permission to take photographs or videos of the participating group without the permission of a Vision Sports Ireland staff member or permission from each individual who may feature in the photograph.


Should members be found to be in breach of the Vision Sports code of conduct, the following steps will be taken:

  • Should Vision Sports believe that a member has acted outside of this Code of Conduct in a minor manner they will make the member aware at the earliest opportunity. A Vision Sports staff member will discuss ways in which this behaviour was wrong and could be changed. This conversation will be held in private.
  • Vision Sports Ireland reserve the right to suspend members form it’s events, programmes or activities for persistent or serious breaches of this code of conduct. Reasons for exclusion will be given to participants in writing.


  • Members are entitled to appeal should they believe that their actions are not in breach of the code of conduct.
  • The issue will be discussed with the appropriate parties involved in the first instance to, if possible, resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction. If this is not possible to resolve at this stage, a panel will be created consisting of suitably qualified individuals.
  • The panel will then review the available evidence and consider whether further enquiries are necessary.
  • This committee reserves the right, if it deems it appropriate, to seek further evidence from the parties involved in the relevant issue.
  • The panel will review all evidence and may proceed immediately to impose an appropriate penalty.

For more information or relevant queries should be forwarded to the National Sports Development manager at


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