The Sports

We know from research that there are significant benefits to be gained from being fit and active; this applies equally, if not more so, to the blind and visually impaired community:
Horowitz (1994)

On the other hand:
“The social aspects, self-confidence and self-esteem building that come through sport are immeasurable”
Wales Council for the Blind (2005)

“Sport’s value in promoting health, physical strength, endurance, social integration and psychological well-being is of little doubt. It is not difficult to understand why sport is important for the well-being of people both with and without, a disability”
Chawla (1994)

Founded in 1988, Vision Sports Ireland caters for the competitive and recreational needs of its members, who participate at all levels from have a go days to elite Paralympic competition. IBS offers many different sporting activities from athletics to judo, water skiing to football, swimming to tandem cycling and tenpin bowling; as well as the more sedate activities of chess and walking.


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