Vision Sports Ireland Launch Associate Club Funding

Robbie Henshaw holding a sign of the associate club logo

Vision Sports Ireland are excited to announce the launch of our Associate Club Funding. Our Associate Club Funding is designed to support clubs and organisations that promote and facilitate sports for individuals with vision impairments. Through this funding, we aim to enhance the availability and quality of sports opportunities, ensuring that all blind or vision impaired individuals have the chance to participate and excel in sports of their choice.

Robbie Henshaw with Vision Sports Ireland CEO Aaron Mullaniff, staff member Sara McFadden and Old Wesley Club President Ronan Bools

About the Associate Club Funding

Vision Sports Ireland’s Associate Club Funding provides financial assistance to clubs that are part of our Associate Club Programme. This funding is intended to help clubs with:

  • Purchasing specialised sports equipment
  • Organising events and competitions
  • Providing education and training to coaches and volunteers
  • Enhancing facilities to be more accessible

Clubs will be allocated funding between the value of €500 and €2,000 based on the information provided in the application.

Further details and eligibility criteria can be found below

Associate Club Funding Page

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