Female Coach claps as young red haired boy completes long jump on a blue running track into yellow sand.

Vision Impaired Physical Education Guide

This instruction manual has been designed to help introduce readers to the basics of vision impaired and blind sport, and coaching considerations for someone with a vision impairment. This could include:

  • Someone with a vision impairment wanting information on sports or activities available.
  • A parent or guardian with a child with a vision impairment.
  • Primary and secondary school teachers with students who have a vision impairment.
  • Special Needs Assistants (SNA) wanting to learn about adapted sport and physical activity.
  • Secondary school students learning about adapted sport and physical activity.
  • University students studying Sport, Exercise, Recreation or Physical Education (PE).

Vision Impaired Physical Education Guide

Group photo of participants with a vision impairment, the man in the front of the image is receiving sighted guide, on the right of the image there is a participant holding their guide dog on their harness

Sighted Guide Training Video

Sighted guide is a way to safely and efficiently, walk with, and guide, a person who is blind or vision impaired.

This educational video goes into the steps of how to start a conversation when you meet someone who is blind or vision impaired, correct positioning, and sighted guide techniques in difference social and environmental scenarios.

A group photo of Ian Mc Kinley, Robbie Henshaw and 2 female VI rugby players holding rugby balls, coaching guides and a Vision Sports Ireland logo sign

Vision Impaired Rugby Coaching Guide

Vision Sports Ireland and IRFU are proud to launch their Vision Impaired Rugby Coaching Guide.  The Vision Impaired Rugby Coaching Guide has been developed in partnership with The Change Foundation, for coaches, teachers and volunteers to help improve confidence and knowledge around coaching VI Rugby.

The Vision Impaired Rugby Coaching Guide is available in digital format on the link below. Coaches, teachers, volunteers and anyone interested in promoting inclusivity in rugby are encouraged to access and utilise the resource.

The VI Rugby Coaching Guide includes information on vision impairment and provides recommendations for coaches improving accessibility of training sessions through descriptive coaching, colour contrast, sighted guide and adapted training drills.

Vision Impaired Rugby Coaching Guide

Poster showcasing Clear Print Guidelines with rowing boat in bakground on the water with lilypads around the boat. the poster was designed for a women in sports event.

Clearprint Guidelines


Clear print design promotes inclusion across Ireland, supporting every individual, regardless of their vision, to participate in their community. By making the information we produce clear and readable, we are supporting every person to live an independent life.


Clearprint Guidelines

Audio Description Guidelines

Audio description is a narration service that provides a verbal description of key visual elements for someone who is Blind/Vision Impaired. It provides a more inclu- sive experience for people who are Blind/Vision Impaired and ensures that everyone can enjoy the same content, regardless of their level of vision.

Audio Description Guide

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